Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Emily's Army Releases New Album, Lost At Seventeen!

     Two years after the release of their debut album Don't Be A Dick, Emily's Army releases their sophomore album, Lost At Seventeen, today. The punk band from the Bay Area recently signed with Rise Records to release the new album. Emily's Army (Cole Becker - Vocals and Guitar, Max Becker - Bass, Travis Neumann - Guitar, Joey Armstrong - Drums) will be on Warped Tour this summer from 6/15 - 7/11 and will be touring the UK from 7/15 - 7/25. I recently spoke with Joey about the new album, Warped Tour, and what band he would most like to open for. Check out his interview below!


     Be sure to download the album here! You can find tour dates and connect with the band on Facebook and Twitter. What do you think of Emily's Army's new album? Comment below!