Sunday, January 27, 2013

Interview with JR Bareis of Love and Death

     Earlier this week, Love and Death released their debut full length album, Between Here & Lost, the follow up to last year's Chemicals EP. The band (Brian "Head" Welch - Vocals/Guitar, JR Bareis - Guitar, Michael Valentine - Bass, Dan Johnson - Drums) will be on tour with Thousand Foot Krutch, The Letter Black, and The Wedding from 2/21 - 3/17.
      I recently spoke with JR Bareis about the new album, upcoming tour, and even a funny story from the studio. Check out our conversation below!


     Have you listened to Between Here & Lost yet? If you have, comment your thoughts below! If you haven't, be sure to download it here. Don't forget to check out Love and Death on tour! All of the dates are listed here.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

BTW: Bands To Watch ~ The Wild!

      When searching for a rock band that exudes real rock n' roll attitude, look no further than The Wild! British Columbia rockers Dylan Villain (Guitars & Vocals), Rowdy Rick Riegs (Drums), and Lucas 'Boozus' Jancikic (Bass & Vocals) make up the band that, according to Villain, is "creating a party through music". I recently spoke with the lead singer, and here is what he had to say about The Wild!

Front Paige Metal News: How do you describe The Wild's music?

Dylan Villain: It's a good time! We play rock n' roll, and we have a lot of fun doing it. We definitely have a twang in our sound. We love that shit. When you take those sort of "hick" or "hillbilly" elements and mix them with a classic rock throwback and supercharge the damn thing, you get The Wild!

FPMN: What inspires you as a performer and a musician? When did you first realize that music was a passion for you?

Villain: I think like any performer, I really get into seeing our audience have a good time with us during our show. When you look into the crowd and see people partyin', smilin', dancin', chuggin' beer, whatever. If they're feelin' it, you know it. That will always put me in the best mood I can possibly be in. Creating a party through music. Now, that's cool.

As far as being a musician goes, it's not really something I could imagine NOT doing, you know? I started playing guitar at a very young age. It was actually a ukulele. My hands were too small for a guitar I was so young. Years later, I joined my first band when I was 12. I was playing in a bar...for real. Being a musician, playing and performing is just part of who I am.

FPMN: What mark do you hope to leave on the music industry?

Villain: A skid mark!

FPMN: What is coming up for The Wild?

Villain: Last night's booze! As well as a new album that should be out in April/May, new video, tour, more behind the scenes YouTube vids!

FPMN: What is something that you would like my readers to know about your music?

Villain: We are a reckless group of individuals that write music for reckless groups of individuals. We have 2 singles available for FREE DOWNLOAD at Check us out!

"Road House"

     So, what do you think of The Wild? Comment below! Be sure to connect with the band on Facebook and Twitter!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Black Veil Brides To Release Epic Masterpiece Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones

     Combine the Black Veil Brides that you've known with carefully orchestrated string arrangements, guest appearances, and a killer concept, and you have the epic masterpiece that is Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones. Less than a month ago, the band released the music video for the single "In The End" which provided a teaser of the 45 minute movie, Legion Of The Black, which they released pay-per-view on their Facebook, today only (available until midnight PST). The movie is essentially a visual representation of the album featuring 9 songs including the previously released single.

     The album features guest appearances by Bert McCracken (The Used), William Control, and Juliet Simms (Automatic Loveletter & former contestant on The Voice).
     Lead vocalist Andy Biersack has made videos giving detailed explanations about some of the songs off of the album. You can check them out here.
     Black Veil Brides is truly a band that is unafraid to push the envelope and explore other styles and influences. As longtime fans of the band can attest, they expand their range as artists with each album. Wretched and Divine is undoubtedly the greatest leap they've made, and it will more than likely push them to the next level.

"In The End"

     You can still pre-order Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones on iTunes and on Black Veil Brides' official site. The band is also currently on tour. Check out the tour dates for The Church of the Wild Ones Tour are listed on BVB's Facebook.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

BTW: Bands To Watch ~ She's Not Dead

     Portland based all-girl alternative rock band, She's Not Dead (Kira Nesser - Vocals/Lead Guitar, Samantha Howell - Drums, Annelise Josserand - Bass, Backing Vocals, Keiko Andress- Keyboards) , has got something going for them that other bands just don't have...female power. "I want people to remember us in a long time like the Rolling Stones or AC/DC except female," says Nesser. "More girls should be in bands and in the music industry."
     When describing the band's sound, Josserand sums it up as "fun, catchy, alternative rock that reminds me of Kill Hannah and some stuff from the 90s." She adds, "Anybody can listen to it. It's not explicit.  You listen to it and it's some alternative rock but it's family friendly. I've gotten messages from people telling me that their 10-year-old girls sing along to our songs. We have all age ranges."
     The band has been gaining a fan base on the West Coast and is working on expanding their reach and releasing new material. "We're going into the studio," says Howell. "We're going into the studio this weekend to record my drum tracks."
     She's Not Dead will be releasing a new album within the next couple of months which will feature rerecorded versions of 9 previously released songs, as well as four new songs.

"Somebody Save Me"

Be sure to check out She's Not Dead on iTunes and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!