Saturday, January 28, 2012

Modern Day Escape To Debut New Song!

     Alright MDE fans, the band just announced that on 1/30 at 3PM PST they will be debuting the title track off of their upcoming album "Under The Gun" for 3 HOURS ONLY . Check out the link here!
     As you guys probably remember from one of my last articles, "Leather N' Lace: Women In Rock", I spoke with MDE's drummer, Sandra Alva recently. She talked a little bit about what's coming up next for Modern Day Escape including "Under The Gun". In case you missed the interview, you can check it out here.

     Don't forget to pick up a copy of "Under The Gun" when the album is released on 3/27! For more info, check out MDE's Facebook page.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Leather N' Lace: Women In Rock

     While for years rock n' roll was predominately a male genre of music, women have stepped up and made a name for themselves and proved that they can rock just as hard as any man. Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Ann & Nancy Wilson, Pat Benatar, the list goes on and on. I was fortunate enough to talk with four of the women who are now making a name for themselves in the industry: Orianthi, who has not only played guitar for Michael Jackson, but is currently a guitarist for Alice Cooper; Brooklyn Allman, vocalist/keyboardist for Picture Me Broken; Sandra Alva, former Black Veil Brides drummer and current drummer for Modern Day Escape; and Sammi Doll, keyboardist/backup vocalist for My Satellite. I spoke to the girls about what it's like for them being females in rock n' roll and also what advice they have for aspiring female musicians.

Front Paige Metal News: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a musician?

Sandra: Actually, growing up my family has been very musically talented. I didn't know I could play the drums until I was 11 years old, until I actually sat behind a drum set. My cousins- they play guitar- they're in a band, and they had band practice at their house and honestly, I'd never seen a band perform or anything before then, so I thought it was the coolest thing. What got my attention the most was the drummer because he was just crazy. One day I sat behind the drum set and started doing like simple beats, and it was just a natural talent. Ever since then, I didn't let it go to waste. It's crazy how far I've come with it. It was my dream, and now I get to do it as a living. It's great! So, yeah I started playing when I was 11 years old.

FPMN: What mark do you hope to leave on the music industry?

Orianthi: I really wanna inspire more girls to pick up the guitar. I hope that I can by getting my music out there and them coming to shows. Just to encourage them to keep on going or to inspire more girls to get out there. That would be awesome! I love playing shows and looking out in the audience and seeing everyone having a good time. So, I hope I can help people with my music and inspire.

FPMN: Have you ever had an experience where you or your music has been judged because you're a female? How did you handle that?

Brooklyn: Absolutely! I always say like I'm a woman in a man's job very much. I think a rock band front person is generally supposed to be male. I am to perform and write and be as dynamic as those male performers, but I have no doubt that there are few women who are strong enough to take it on. We are under extra scrutiny, and it's a harsher world. Not only do you deal with being a fish out of water in rock music, but women in pop culture today are under so much pressure visually. Society expects you to look a certain way and be a certain way, and it's definitely contradictory to be not only assuming that role but being in a rock band as well. But I think you can be a really strong influence if you do it well.

Sandra: Actually, ya know, on tour it always happens. They see me set up before the show or something, and they see me sit behind the drums and people that don't know who I am just kinda look at me like "Woah, that's not the drummer. Come on, that little girl?" I'm like 5' 2", maybe even 5' 1"- I'm a small girl. I can feel them judging me. Ya know how when someone's looking at you, you can feel their eyes on you? It's always like that. I don't mind it; I just ignore it, really. The way that I play- I'm like an animal when I'm onstage. I just go crazy. And after, they're like "Oh hey, what's up? Awesome job!" They're trying to kiss my ass. It's like "Woah woah did not believe in me. But whatever, I'm not an asshole so I'll be nice. I'm just like, I'll say thanks. Sometimes I get judged. Sometimes I don't, but when I do get judged, I kind of like giggle to myself. I'm just like "Yeah, I'm gonna blow them away right now. I'm not even worried". (Laughs) I'm very confident about the way that I play. I'm not cocky, but I just love playing. I love being onstage. I love rocking out, and I love blowing people away because I'm such a small girl. I break sticks onstage and just play my heart out.

Orianthi: Going through school and being a guitar player and being a girl was not easy for me. I got picked on a lot and bullied. I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life when I picked up a guitar. It just got to a point where it was getting in the way of me playing my music and being happy. I got picked on a lot. But I don't think about that. It's something that happens, but I just love playing the guitar.

FPMN: What advice do you have for aspiring female rockers?

Sammi: Don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't do anything. That was the number one advice that was given to me. Everybody that tells you that you can't do something- that just gives you more ammunition to prove them wrong and make them eat their words. It's a matter of just reaching your goals and not giving a crap what anybody else think about you. You're never gonna get anywhere if you play it safe. Get out there and start reaching your goals, and if you feel like you don't have any support, you do. Every single one of us has been in your position before.

FPMN: Finally, what do you have to say to guy rockers?

Guy rockers? (Laughs) Actually the ones that I've encountered have been very nice and very supportive of me. I've never really felt that I was ever looked upon as a girl in a band. Even other guys in bands- they regard me as a musician as much as them. So, I don't really separate it as frontmen and frontwomen. I think it's all one. I think if you do it well, it doesn't matter what gender you are.

Sammi: What would I have to say about guy rockers? They do exactly the same thing that we do. They just have different parts. (Laughs) Just keep rocking. It's the same advice that I would ever give to a girl in the industry. Don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't do something. Ya know, if you feel you're not good enough, then make yourself better. It's that simple; it really is. All you guy rockers out there- keep fucking rocking, and make sure you leave a little room for us ladies cause we're gonna be right there with you.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Livan Interview

      As you may remember from my review of Alice Cooper's No More Mr. Nice Guy Tour, I talked about Alice's opening band, Livan. Their music, particularly their Off The Grid EP, has been described as "dark yet manically energetic post-punk rock". I recently spoke with Livan himself, and here is what he had to say.

Front Paige Metal News: How did you get your start? How long has the band been together?

Livan: The whole thing started after an encounter between me and the keyboard player from the Sisters of Mercy who liked the music and wanted to produce a record with me. This particular band (has been together for) 5 years.

FPMN: For those who haven't heard you, how do you describe your music?

Livan: I'm not sure. All I know is that it's real!!

FPMN: What is coming up next for you?

Livan: Writing a new record to be released in 2012.

FPMN: What has it been like touring with Alice Cooper? How did that come about?

Livan: It has been a great experience. Agents tend to put those things together.

FPMN: One of the things that impressed me the most about you is your amazing stage presence. What is the most important part of a performance for you?

Livan: I am a huge fan of performance.When you go to a show you expect to get lost in the performers' world. Nowadays performing is about being "cool" on stage. I think it's all about entertaining your audience!

FPMN: Why should my readers check out your music?

Livan: Cause they trust you I hope! (Smiles)

Livan- "Sad" Live in Kings Cross:

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interview with Orianthi

 Photo Courtesy of Neil Pearson (@NeilMPearson)

     About a month or so ago, I had the pleasure of talking with Orianthi while she was on the "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Tour as one of Alice Cooper's guitarists. We spoke about her EP "Fire" that she released back in October, and she also answered some fan questions! Was your question chosen? Keep reading to find out!

Front Paige Metal News: I know that you released your EP "Fire" in October. Tell us a little bit about it. What was the recording process like? 

Orianthi: It was a blast! I had so much fun recording it, and I spent like 4 days down in Nashville. We recorded like 8 songs in one day, and we put 5 on the EP. It was so much fun writing and recording it. It's a real rock/blues record, and I can't wait to finish up the whole album. I should be doing that very, very soon.

FPMN: How do you feel your style has changed from your previous album to this one?

Orianthi: Just the whole album. It's more rock/blues based. I grew up listening to a lot of B.B. King and Santana. So, I really just went back to my roots.

FPMN: What's coming up next for you?

Orianthi: Well, I'm on tour right now with Alice Cooper, and we're gonna be touring around for the next 3 weeks around the Midwest. We're having a blast doing that. Now we'll play some other shows, and I've got the album when I get back. I'm going back to Australia for a bit of a holiday after this, and then I'll come back and finish up my album.

Fan Questions:

AidenJaneSix: "What or who is your greatest inspiration in your music career?"

Orianthi: Well, my dad inspired me to play guitar initially. So, I would say my dad. Then there's Santana. He's who I listened to a lot when I was like 11. And still now, I love Carlos.

Janina: "How many guitars do you have?"

Orianthi: I was just thinking of that the other day. I probably have close to about 30 something guitars.

Neil: "What have you learned from being on tour with Alice Cooper, both as a musician and as a person?"

Orianthi: Well, I had to learn all of Alice's songs in about a week. So, that was like 25 songs to learn. That was pretty crazy. I'm playing a lot of lead with Steve Hunter. He's an incredible guitar player. He's very blues based. It's been really great- a lot of fun. Alice is such a showman.

Alan: "Are you planning on touring after your album is released?"

Orianthi: Yes, I hope to tour. I hope to finish up the album early next year, and then I'll do some more dates with Alice. But that would be great!

Brett: "You seem to play so many different styles of music. What guitar style do you most enjoy playing and why?"

Orianthi: What comes naturally to me is kind of blues based. So, when I write a song, it's pretty bluesy. Yeah, that just comes pretty naturally. Especially rock/blues- that's what I really enjoy playing.

     If you haven't downloaded Orianthi's EP "Fire" yet, you can check it out here. The audio from Orianthi's full interview will be on FPMN's YouTube channel next week. Make sure you subscribe so that you don't miss it! You can also Follow us on Twitter @FrontPaigeMetal and "Like" us on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming interviews! Also, you can now add me on my personal page on Facebook so that you can let me know your thoughts on Front Paige Metal News!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Get Scared Debuts New Song With New Vocalist

     After losing vocalist Nicholas Matthews, Get Scared just released their brand new song "Cynical Skin" with new singer Joel Faviere. As I'm sure all of you have seen at one time or another, replacing a vocalist is one of the most difficult things for a band to do. However, in Get Scared's case, I think that Joel is the perfect addition to the band. They are definitely taking on a different sound with their new music, but it's as good, if not better, than the band's previous releases "Cheap Tricks and Theatrics" and "Best Kind Of Mess". Check out "Cynical Skin":


     What do you guys think of Joel? You can check out more of his music on his YouTube channel here. Do you think he's the right singer for Get Scared? Comment below! You can download "Cynical Skin" here! Also, don't forget to check out Get Scared on Facebook if you haven't already!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Falling In Reverse Loses Bassist

     I know, I know...It seems like lately every post I publish has to do with a band's lineup changes. we go again. This time we're talking about Falling In Reverse. News first surfaced yesterday when Brad Radke shared an article stating that bassist Mika Horiuchi had left the band. It has been said that Mika stated he "couldn't work in the band". However, new info contradicts that statement. According to a direct message on Twitter from Ronnie, Mika didn't leave- he was fired.

     Well, whatever happened, Falling In Reverse is going to have to find a replacement for Mika before their US tour that starts on January 14th at The Glass House in Pomona, CA. (Information for FIR tour dates as well as others can be viewed here.)