Thursday, August 4, 2011

Haunted By Heroes- The Future of Rock


      Being in a band, recording an album, performing at The Whisky, and opening for Motley Crue are things that any aspiring rock musician would kill for. Well, imagine actually accomplishing all of that and being just 10 years old. Let me introduce you to Haunted By Heroes. Consisting of Nick Hero on bass and lead vocals, Chris Hero on drums, Geddy Hero on lead guitar, Charley Haunted on rhythm guitar, and Brandon Haunted on keyboard, they are indeed the world's youngest rock band. They recently released a music video for "Walk This Way" with the rapper Lil P-Nut on Cartoon Network.
     I interviewed the guys and they told me about how they got started, their favorite part about being in a band, and future projects.


Front Paige Metal News: How long have you guys been a band? Who's idea was it to start the band?

Charley Haunted: It was my sister's idea. She got tired of hearing us banging on pots and pans, so she suggested we get real instruments. We were 5 years old.

FPMN: What is your favorite part about being in a band?

Geddy Hero: Rockin' the crowd at live shows- turning up real loud.

Brandon Haunted: I like traveling and meeting new people and eating in restaurants.

FPMN: Who are your biggest influences? 

Nick Hero: I dig Bon Scott and AC / DC. Also, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith,  and also my uncle, Patrick Stone. Right now he's with Adler's Appetite.  I like many bass players-  Entwistle from The Who and of course Paul McCartney.

Chris Hero: I like Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, and Danny from Tool. Also, Steven Adler lays down a solid groove. I dig that!

FPMN: How would you describe your music?  

Nick Hero: I think we are straight rock n' roll. A little punk edge at times with a little melody, but rock n' roll always. We play from our hearts.

FPMN: When can we look for an album from you guys? 

Charley Haunted: We are supposed to release our debut single any minute now. Tick tock. Look for it on iTunes.

FPMN: What do you all hope to achieve as a band?    

Nick Hero: We want to have fun and make sure the fans are having fun. We are only ten years old so we don't think about the other stuff so much. Right now we just want to rock really loud!

FPMN: I think it's amazing that you're going to be opening for Motley Crue next month. What other artists do you hope to work with in the future?

Chris Hero:   I would like to play with Angus and Malcom from AC/ DC. I got to jam with Billy Sheehan a few months back. He's great. Also, Jimmy Bain from Dio jammed with us at The Whisky in Hollywood.

Brandon Haunted: We just did a video with P-Nut the Rapper. He's our buddy. I'd like to sit in with MUSE.

FPMN: What do you guys like to do outside of the band? 

Geddy Hero: I like to skate and bike. We all do that. It's hard to play organized sports because we travel a lot, but we were all on the same Little League team.

FPMN: I'm really impressed at the success that you have had at such a young age! Is it difficult to balance the demands of being a musician while still being in school, hanging out with friends, and finding time to just be a kid? 

Charley Haunted: Nope.  It's so easy. Just like the song says.

FPMN: How do you deal with being away from your family and friends while you're busy touring? Also, how do they feel about everything that you have accomplished so far?

Nick Hero:  They can come with us or call us, and we always come back.

FPMN: What is one of the most interesting things about each of you that you think my readers  would like to know?  

Nick Hero:  We all get good grades.

Chris Hero:  I get blisters.

Geddy Hero: I was named after the bass player in Rush.

Charley Haunted: I crush people in football.

Brandon Haunted:  I'm never getting my hair cut.

     These guys are definitely the future of rock n' roll! Be sure to check them out at  You can download their new single "Rockin Is Ma Business" here at   
These kids have definitely got talent! Comment below and let me know what you think about them!            



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  1. I love these Guys!!!! I live around the corner from them and its really been great seeing them grow into such talented musicians and young men, they are the future of Rock!!!!!!