Saturday, August 27, 2011

Interview with Michael Vampire

     As lead vocalist for Vampires Everywhere!, Michael Vampire is bringing a whole new style to rock n' roll. I recently interviewed Michael, and here is what he had to say about Vampires Everywhere! and his thoughts on other rock and metal artists.

Front Paige Metal News: For people who may not know much about your music, how would you describe Vampires Everywhere?

Michael: I'd like to call it "Goth Metal", however, it is rock n' roll. We wanted to combine our favorite genres of music such as metal, industrial, rock, and pop. I feel we did a satisfactory job representing that on Kiss The Sun Goodbye. I think the best way to learn about VE! music is to listen to it. We like to think we brought a fresh new sound to rock n' roll and in order to classify it, one must listen and decide based on that.

FPMN: With a lot of people being used to music like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, what have people's reactions been to your music?  
Michael: I think Bieber and Gaga definitely brought a younger, more diverse fan base to the music industry. By doing this, they opened a door for thousands of new acts to try and replicate that success. For a band like us, it didn't affect us one bit. If anything, it brought a younger fan base into the picture, and we don't discriminate age. I think music is music, and if you like it, you will listen to it. However, I can say that image does play a significant role in the music industry more than ever thanks to Gaga. For me, I enjoy the imagery of rock n' roll. If it wasn't for bands like The Misfits & KISS, rock would never be what it is. I would like to state that Bieber and Gaga are nothing new. This has all been done before with Madonna and even Michael Jackson.

FPMN:What mark do you and the band hope to leave on the music industry?

Michael: My main goal is to change peoples lives. I was put through so much hurt and heartache in the past that it has left me cold and dead. If it wasn't for VE! I probably wouldn't be here doing this interview today. I want to help kids get through the tough times and give them a place to go to forget about everything plaguing them. Life is not about lollipops and unicorns. It's about real shit. People get hurt and die everyday! I try to do my part to show kids the dark side of rock n' roll and give them an outlet to fuel their anger. If anything, I hope VE! can show people a new perspective on rock.

FPMN: What's coming up next for Vampires Everywhere?

Michael: We have tons of things popping up! We have a tour coming up with Wednesday 13 in October/November which will correlate with Halloween. We also intend on doing some amazing things for Halloween. However, I don't want to give those away just yet!

FPMN: I know that you guys just performed at the Sunset Strip Music Festival. What was that like? How did it go?

Michael: SSMF was amazing! I can't thank the Key Club enough for having us play. At first, I was skeptical because we were going on the exact same time as the headliner, Motley Crue! So I was like nobody is going to be watching our set! Then throughout the day, I saw so many VE! fans of which bombarded us with so much evil love. They were all so excited to see us play with the new lineup. So it turns out our set started earlier and we had an amazing crowd to watch our show! It was awesome to have so much fan support! Also, it didn't hurt seeing our buddy Craig Mabbitt (Escape the Fate) getting rowdy in our mosh pit! All in all, it was an epic night and one that will not be forgotten anytime soon! Oh, and Motley Crue, Escape the Fate, & Bush kicked ass!

FPMN: What do you see in the band's future?

Michael: Vampires Everywhere! will eventually be one the biggest bands in the world! We are working our evil butts off to make that happen and achieve our goal. Nothing is being handed to us, and we are working tirelessly to spread the word about our band and our new album Kiss The Sun Goodbye! We finally got rid of the negative members of which tried to bring us down! However, I fought through it and came back with the blood dripping from my lips! The new lineup is everything I could have ever wanted in a band, talent and the desire to take over the world no matter what! I can say our future is long as we stay out of the sun!  

FPMN: What artists do you think are the hope for rock and metal?

Michael: I can only answer this question in form of what inspires me as far as rock and metal. Bands that inspire me are NIN, Manson, Zombie, Foo Fighters, Slipknot, HIM, Deftones, and many others that changed the face of music! Rock and metal will never die. It is immortal!

FPMN: What would you like to say to my readers who haven't checked out Vampires Everywhere! yet, and also to your fans?

Michael: I would like to say I love each and every one of our fans that have supported us and continue to support us! I try to be as involved as possible with you, and I look forward to seeing you on the road! To all your readers...Come out, come out, wherever you are! Kiss the Sun Goodbye is now available worldwide! Take a minute, and check it out!

     Have you checked out Vampires Everywhere! yet? What do you think? You can find out more about the band at Be sure to check out their latest album Kiss The Sun Goodbye!

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