Friday, November 18, 2011

Escape The Fate Loses Guitarist and Bassist? - UPDATE!


     Max Green has said on his official Twitter account (@max_the_ripper) that he will be releasing an official statement about his departure from Escape The Fate. I will be posting this statement as soon as it is released. Follow me on Twitter (@FrontPaigeMetal) for more updates!


     I have some bad news for Escape The Fate fans. In the past few days, people, including current and former band members, have been tweeting that there are serious lineup changes to come. Earlier this week, these tweets showed up on lead vocalist Craig Mabbitt's Twitter (@caige) about bassist Max Green's apparent departure from the band:

     Fans started talking even more when Ronnie Radke (@REDRUMRONNIE), the band's former vocalist, responded with this:

     However, when a fan asked Craig if the rumors about guitarist, Monte Money, leaving the band were true, he responded, "No, he's not." I am not confirming anything as of right now. Max (@max_the_ripper) and Monte (@MonteBMoney) are yet to comment about what has been happening with the band. I will keep all of you updated as I find out new information.


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