Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get Scared Loses Vocalist

     Get Scared released a statement last night that vocalist, Nicholas Matthews, has decided to leave the band. Nick's changes in musical direction are cited as the reason for his absence. Get Scared is assuring fans that there are no bad feelings between them and Nicholas saying on their Facebook page,

"We regret to inform you that (Nicholas Blake Matthews) has decided his time with Get Scared has run out. This is so hard for us to announce. However, this was not a decision made against Nicholas's wishes, nor was he kicked out by any means. Nicholas felt Get Scared was no longer what he wanted to pursue and has moved on musically. Once again, This is so hard for us to announce. We are all still shaken up by it. There is no preparing for a loss as great as this. Although this was a shock to the entire band, Nicholas and Get Scared absolutely have no bad blood towards one another.  Nicholas will forever be apart of the Get Scared family, and we all look forward to his undoubtful success as a musician."

Get Scared also said that they are currently working on new music. However, any winter touring plans that the band had are postponed until they can find a new vocalist. The band will be accepting video submissions from fans saying, 

     "We feel that we should give our fans an equal opportunity to become Get Scared's new singer as we would to a professional singer. Who better to give a chance to than the very people who gave us life, our fans."

     For more info, you can check out the band's Facebook.


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