Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interview with Orianthi

 Photo Courtesy of Neil Pearson (@NeilMPearson)

     About a month or so ago, I had the pleasure of talking with Orianthi while she was on the "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Tour as one of Alice Cooper's guitarists. We spoke about her EP "Fire" that she released back in October, and she also answered some fan questions! Was your question chosen? Keep reading to find out!

Front Paige Metal News: I know that you released your EP "Fire" in October. Tell us a little bit about it. What was the recording process like? 

Orianthi: It was a blast! I had so much fun recording it, and I spent like 4 days down in Nashville. We recorded like 8 songs in one day, and we put 5 on the EP. It was so much fun writing and recording it. It's a real rock/blues record, and I can't wait to finish up the whole album. I should be doing that very, very soon.

FPMN: How do you feel your style has changed from your previous album to this one?

Orianthi: Just the whole album. It's more rock/blues based. I grew up listening to a lot of B.B. King and Santana. So, I really just went back to my roots.

FPMN: What's coming up next for you?

Orianthi: Well, I'm on tour right now with Alice Cooper, and we're gonna be touring around for the next 3 weeks around the Midwest. We're having a blast doing that. Now we'll play some other shows, and I've got the album when I get back. I'm going back to Australia for a bit of a holiday after this, and then I'll come back and finish up my album.

Fan Questions:

AidenJaneSix: "What or who is your greatest inspiration in your music career?"

Orianthi: Well, my dad inspired me to play guitar initially. So, I would say my dad. Then there's Santana. He's who I listened to a lot when I was like 11. And still now, I love Carlos.

Janina: "How many guitars do you have?"

Orianthi: I was just thinking of that the other day. I probably have close to about 30 something guitars.

Neil: "What have you learned from being on tour with Alice Cooper, both as a musician and as a person?"

Orianthi: Well, I had to learn all of Alice's songs in about a week. So, that was like 25 songs to learn. That was pretty crazy. I'm playing a lot of lead with Steve Hunter. He's an incredible guitar player. He's very blues based. It's been really great- a lot of fun. Alice is such a showman.

Alan: "Are you planning on touring after your album is released?"

Orianthi: Yes, I hope to tour. I hope to finish up the album early next year, and then I'll do some more dates with Alice. But that would be great!

Brett: "You seem to play so many different styles of music. What guitar style do you most enjoy playing and why?"

Orianthi: What comes naturally to me is kind of blues based. So, when I write a song, it's pretty bluesy. Yeah, that just comes pretty naturally. Especially rock/blues- that's what I really enjoy playing.

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