Sunday, July 29, 2012

Interview with The Dirt Radicals

Photo Courtesy of Steven Tiller

     After recently finding out about The Dirt Radicals through a friend, I began listening to them and couldn't wait to talk with their bassist/vocalist Sam Cooper. Comprised of Cooper; his younger brother, drummer/vocalist Matt Cooper; and vocalist/guitarist Mas Kimura. Check out what Sam had to say about TDR!

Front Paige Metal News: Tell me a little bit about The Dirt Radicals. How do you describe your style? Who/What are you most influenced by?

Sam Cooper: We're a 3 piece punk rock band. We grew up on the So-Cal 90's punk sound, the Kung Fu and Fat Wreck bands, but now we listen to everything and anything. We were doing 'Wine & Wallflowers Wednesday' just the other day. Think Red Wine and The Wallflowers might be influencing our new sound quite a bit!

FPMN: You've been quoted as saying that being in the music industry "got too serious". What changes do you think need to be made in the industry? How do The Dirt Radicals play a role in making those changes?

Sam: I think we just meant that we need to stop trying to make our band into a business, just let it be what it is, and have fun. Mission accomplished! We love it more than ever. What needs to change? I'd personally like to see a few less "clipboard girls" and "backstage cockheads" floating around.

FPMN: What message do you hope fans can take away from your music?

Sam: If a fan takes anything away from our music or band, I hope it's that they truly appreciate how much of ourselves we put in to keep the band and the music alive. It ain't easy, and it's really all we're good at.

FPMN: What is coming up next for the band?

Sam: We just did our first headlining show in London on Friday night, which was killer. Since we're in the studio working on album #2 at the moment, it was nice to play some of the new stuff for an audience. Apart from working on the new record, we're doing a bit of touring on the other side of the world. We're heading over to Taiwan and China next week for festival and headlining shows, and after that, we're hitting Japan and South East Asia in October! Can't wait!

FPMN: What is something that my readers might be interested in hearing about? Are there any specific stories from being on the road that come to mind?

Sam: One time, our drummer Matt had his ass fondled by Chester from Linkin Park in Thailand. Our guitarist Mas drank a bottle of my piss in our hotel in Sydney, and I shat myself in a KFC in Indonesia before a show.

FPMN: Why should my readers check out The Dirt Radicals?

Sam: If you like bands who have poor bowel and liver functions, we are the guys for you. The music ain't bad either.

For more info on The Dirt Radicals, check out their Facebook and Twitter!


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