Thursday, July 5, 2012

Interview with Kobra and The Lotus

     Kobra and The Lotus is definitely one of my favorite bands that is on the rise to fame. With a sound all their own and fronted by vocal powerhouse Kobra Paige, the band is gaining a large fan base. They have been playing festivals in Europe including last month's Download Festival. I was able to talk with Kobra Paige before the band's performance at Download, and I got to ask her about their experiences playing the European festivals. The band is still playing shows in Europe! A link for the tour dates is posted below.


Front Paige Metal News:  Kobra and The Lotus has been playing a lot of shows in Europe. How have they been going?

Kobra Paige: They've been awesome! It's so cool, because we haven't done festivals before. So, this has been a new chapter for us completely. We haven't played in front of this many people. It's amazing! We were saying at the first festival we played how that probably was more people than we'd played to with all our shows combined until that point. That was quite an incredible feeling- just to be in front of so many people and have that outreach. Also, it's really cool to be back there with all the other artists that are playing the festivals. The people are really interesting; the cultures vary from every different city we played in. It's awesome. I definitely have to say that I love the energy at the shows we've been doing over here, because everyone is there just for the bands that are on the festivals, to have a good time, and nothing else. So, it's amazing!

FPMN: Have you been able to hang out with the other artists that are playing the festivals?

Kobra Paige: Yeah, for sure. We're all in the same dressing room areas. We all have the same lounge so whoever is on our stage, we have been eating with them and hanging with them and everything. The last festival we played, we were in the dressing room area with Mastodon. There were actually a bunch of different bands from all different backgrounds like Rival Sons and just new projects that I didn't know too well until then.

FPMN: Are you guys excited for Download?

Kobra Paige: So excited! I'm very excited. We've kind of focused on the UK for the last couple of years. It's kinda become a second home territory to us; we always love going back. They're always so good to us.  So, it will be great!

FPMN: Is there anything that you'd like to say to your fans?

Kobra Paige: We have a new album coming out on August 6th. So, go grab the album!

"Forever One":

     For more info on Kobra and The Lotus, check out their Official SiteFacebook, and Twitter. Don't forget to check out their upcoming tour dates here!


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