Saturday, August 25, 2012

Get Scared To Release New EP + Joel Faviere Interview

     As you might remember, Get Scared announced the addition of their new vocalist, Joel Faviere, after the departure of original vocalist, Nicholas Matthews. Since Faviere joined the band, Get Scared has premiered 3 songs, "Cynical Skin", "Built For Blame", and most recently (on AP Magazine's website), "Problematic". The band will be releasing their new EP Built For Blame, Laced With Shame on August 28th. The band really seems to be developing their sound with the new material. Faviere's vocals are definitely bringing a fresh, new approach to Get Scared's music.  I spoke with Faviere earlier this week when we discussed his joining the band, the new EP, tour plans, and why his efforts to connect with GS's fanbase are so important to him.


"Built For Blame" Lyric Video:
     What do you think of Get Scared's new music? Comment below! Don't forget that you can pre-order Built For Blame, Laced With Shame here (Bundles are also available!). For more info on Get Scared, check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. I Love Get Scared, It's been amazing watching them grow and seeing all they have accomplished. The new EP coming out the 28th is fucking epic!!! Can't wait until everyone hears it. A true master piece <3 you guys.