Friday, October 12, 2012

BTW: Bands To Watch ~ Camisado

     Baltimore-based "post-metalcore" band, Camisado, is definitely a group that you should keep your eye on. Infusing heavy riffs and metalcore breakdowns with post-hardcore hooks and vocals, as well as string sections, Camisado is creating their own sound. The follow up to last year's EP Pulse, the band just released their album Faceless this week, and fans have already been giving it loads of positive feedback!
     They recorded the album with Life On Repeat guitarist Andrew Baylis. "It was definitely a very unique experience," says Camisado lead vocalist Joe Deak. "We knew we had to top Pulse, so there was some pressure for sure. We were trying stuff we hadn't done before, and we kind of had to break out of our shell to get the best possible product."
     Topping Pulse? That they did. Faceless is even heavier and grander than the aforementioned EP. "We want to be known as a band that is always growing and evolving while sticking to our signature 'Camisado' sound," says Deak.  The album also features a guest appearance by Orion Stephens from In Dying Arms on the track "I Am Alive Tonight".
     Deak continues, "We play music that we enjoy, and we encourage anyone and everyone to do exactly what they enjoy doing.  Listen to us like you've never heard anyone before. Don't try to compare us. Just listen to the music. If it's something you enjoy, that's all that matters."
     The band hopes to tour either late this year or early next year to promote the new material. Be sure to keep up to date with Camisado on their Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to buy Faceless here!

"I Am Alive Tonight"


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