Friday, October 5, 2012

BTW: Bands To Watch ~ BatAAr

     Having their own unique sound is something that is extremely important to Swedish metal band BatAAr. "We've gotten labeled in many different ways. After hearing that we're everything from "electronic punk" to "deathcore" to "Swedish J-Rock" to "pop metal", we just decided to come up with our own genre label. Art Metal. Since we put a lot of thought into every detail of what we do, we thought it was the most fitting term!" says the band's guitarist, Patrik.
     When asked about what type of impression they'd like to leave on the music industry itself, lead vocalist Seb simply says, "Destruction". Guitarist Simon adds, "Hopefully we can usher in some kind of era of free creation not bound by corporate peer pressure or demands!"
     The band recently released a trailer entitled "The Next Step For Art Metal" in which they announced the release of "Owls and Snakes" which will feature 3 new songs. It is set to be released on November 7th.
     What do they want my readers to know? "We try to constantly surprise both ourselves and all potential listeners. I want the readers to be ready for anything when they listen to our music," says Patrik. "I remember a comment a while ago where a person said, "BatAAr have changed" like it was a bad thing. I was like, "Yeah, but that's the whole point of this band." Tobias, the band's drummer, adds, "There's a thought behind every little detail in what we do. I'd love to see people speculate in the future."
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"Vain Structures"


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