Friday, November 30, 2012

BTW: Bands To Watch ~ Unparalleled Height

     "With music, no one is telling you what you can and cannot do. You are the only one limiting yourself." According to Unparalleled Height's lead vocalist, David Kelly, limiting themselves as musicians is not in their plans. Drummer Justin Welling adds, "I feel we put more types of sounds into our music than most people are likely to perceive. We aren’t focused on metal or heavy metal or mainstream or hard rock or progressive metal. We want to take our favorite aspects of each and fuse them together."
     The band released their debut EP, Bridges To Nowhere, back in June and are currently working on new material. "As of right now, we have all been writing new songs. We would tentatively like to do an album somewhat soon, but for right now, we are looking to get in the studio again and do a song or two. We want to show everyone the direction of the sound we are headed with. It by no means is drastically changing. It is just becoming more of our own sound," says Kelly. Once this new music is released, they hope to play local shows in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as other areas. 
     How do they want their music to come across to listeners? Lead guitarist/vocalist, CJ Masciantonio says, "Our music is here to make a statement and show what we are all about.  We want our music to just hit you in the face and have you bang your head, yet also being able to have you listen to the lyrics and hear our messages and meanings."
     Unparalleled Height has big plans for their future. "We want to leave a profound mark on the industry. We realize this takes years of hard work and focus, but we feel it would be incredibly rewarding," says Welling. "We want to be a band that has meaning in their lyrical content and can help people. We also want to be a band who is technical in our abilities individually while still being catchy and appealing to the ear. Leaving a mark on the music industry doesn't happen overnight or within a few years, but we are willing to grind it out and see it happen!"

"Breaking The Chain"

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