Saturday, January 5, 2013

BTW: Bands To Watch ~ She's Not Dead

     Portland based all-girl alternative rock band, She's Not Dead (Kira Nesser - Vocals/Lead Guitar, Samantha Howell - Drums, Annelise Josserand - Bass, Backing Vocals, Keiko Andress- Keyboards) , has got something going for them that other bands just don't have...female power. "I want people to remember us in a long time like the Rolling Stones or AC/DC except female," says Nesser. "More girls should be in bands and in the music industry."
     When describing the band's sound, Josserand sums it up as "fun, catchy, alternative rock that reminds me of Kill Hannah and some stuff from the 90s." She adds, "Anybody can listen to it. It's not explicit.  You listen to it and it's some alternative rock but it's family friendly. I've gotten messages from people telling me that their 10-year-old girls sing along to our songs. We have all age ranges."
     The band has been gaining a fan base on the West Coast and is working on expanding their reach and releasing new material. "We're going into the studio," says Howell. "We're going into the studio this weekend to record my drum tracks."
     She's Not Dead will be releasing a new album within the next couple of months which will feature rerecorded versions of 9 previously released songs, as well as four new songs.

"Somebody Save Me"

Be sure to check out She's Not Dead on iTunes and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!


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