Sunday, December 4, 2011

Alice Cooper- "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Tour Recap

     I went to see Alice Cooper at The Palace in Albany, NY, this past Wednesday, and I have two words for you....FREAKING INCREDIBLE!!!!! I have never seen Alice live before, and I was stunned. I've always heard about how amazing his shows are and I'd seen videos, but nothing compared to seeing him in person.
     The show began with the UK band, Livan. I personally feel like this was the perfect band to open for Alice. They have a great presence onstage and great songs. As I'm sure all of you have seen, audiences don't always respond well to opening bands, but that was definitely not the case with Livan. They immediately got the crowd into the show and were a great lead-in to Alice's show. Livan's music can be heard here.
     Alice's set began with the oh-so-recognizable Vincent Price opening to "The Black Widow". The curtain dropped and the crowd got a view of the set which, down to the last details of smoke and cobwebs, was in perfect "Alice Cooper" style. Alice stood at the top of a giant staircase dressed as none other than The Black Widow.

*All Photos Courtesy of Neil Pearson (@NeilMPearson)*

     It's not often when you can go to a concert and every song that the artist plays is a hit, but that is exactly what happens at an Alice Cooper show. He played classics like "I'm Eighteen", "Poison", "Billion Dollar Babies", and of course, "No More Mr. Nice Guy". He also played the single off of his latest album Welcome 2 My Nightmare, "I'll Bite Your Face Off". As even Alice himself has said, that song is amazing because even if people haven't heard it before, they're able to sing along by the second chorus.
     The performance aspect of the show was insane! Lights, fog, a beheading....ah, sounds like a perfect night at an Alice Cooper show.

     Alice's band, which now includes guitarist Orianthi as the first female musician to ever play in Alice's band, is absolutely amazing. Each of the musicians bring their own personality to the show and all have opportunities to display their talents in solos periodically during the show.

     Alice originally closed the show with none other than "School's Out". He brought out a bunch of giant balloons and began popping them, sending confetti over the audience in the first few rows. However, he also came back out for an encore of "Elected" and walked around the stage with a giant American Flag.

     One of the things that I really love about Alice is his appreciation for his fans. Before he and the rest of the band left the stage, they bowed and very graciously thanked the audience for coming to the show. All I have to say, is I will most definitely be going to see Alice again the next time he tours.

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