Saturday, February 11, 2012

Check It Out! ~ Four Nights Gone

     While still a relatively new band, Staten Island's own Four Nights Gone is already on their way to making a name for themselves. Citing hard rock bands such as Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle as some of their influences, they combine their own style with that of their inspirations. After working with producer Ethan Bill, they digitally released their debut EP Crash and Burn on January 20th, 2012. I recently spoke with the band's lead guitarist Imran Xhelili about what's going on with him and the rest of the band.

Front Paige Metal News: For people who haven't heard of Four Nights Gone, why don't you introduce the band. How did you guys get your start?

Imran: Hey everyone! So, we're four guys. We have Damian LaRocco (vocals/rhythm guitar), Alex Basovisky (bass/backing vocals), and last but not least Steven Romano (drums). So, Damian and Steven had been together from a previous band and found me through some mutual friends. I went to high school with Alex, and when we parted ways with our old bassist he came into the picture. We all had similar tastes in music and similar goals in mind and just connected. From there, everything is history.

FPMN: Who are your biggest influences?

Imran: We all have some various influences but definitely Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Chevelle. There's so much music out there in this digital age that almost anything and everything seeps into our writing.

FPMN: How do you guys describe your style?

Imran: I'd say we're a good mix of hard rock and alternative rock.

FPMN: What are your goals for the band?

Imran: Sign to either an indie or major label, tour, release more material, and get people to hear our music. Playing some bigger shows in NYC at venues like Gramercy Theater and Webster Hall, there's such a thriving scene in the city compared to Staten Island. If we could make a living off playing and touring, that would be our dream.

FPMN: What is coming up next for Four Nights Gone?

Imran: We're working on a music video for "My Last Call". We have a few big shows coming up in NYC, and then we plan to release a single or two and tour this summer.

"My Last Call":

     So, what do you think about Four Nights Gone? Comment below! You can also check out the band on their Facebook page here.

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