Monday, February 6, 2012

Royal Bliss Releases Brand New Album

     Salt Lake City based rock band Royal Bliss has been writing and recording for years now having released a total of eight studio albums including, most recently, Waiting Out The Storm. The band (Neal Middleton- Lead Vocals/ Taylor Richards- Guitar/ Jake Smith- Drums/ Dwayne Crawford- Bass) is currently on tour with Bobaflex. I recently spoke with Neal about the band's new album; here is what he had to say.

Front Paige Metal News: I know that you just released your latest album "Waiting Out The Storm". What kind of reception has it been getting from fans?

Neal: It has been amazing; we broke Top 10 on iTunes release day which was huge for us. The reviews on iTunes have been the best we have had. The support from our fan base has been huge as well, with so many of the band's followers re-posting the release link. So far, we are blown away with the response, and we are extremely happy that the fans feel the same way as us about the record.

FPMN: What was your main inspiration when writing this record? How do you feel this is different from projects that you guys have done in the past?

Neal: It was a rough couple years. We were released from Capitol Records and parted ways with our old managers. They didn't believe in the direction we were going with our songs. It was difficult, but we had to stand up for what we believed in, and we did not want to let down the fans we already had. So, there is a lot of angst against the industry on this record. I also became a father while writing these songs. That changed my life in a major way. Kids seem to have that effect on you. I also dealt with death for really the first time so there was a lot of influence from that, as well. We have lost many friends over the years to drugs and alcohol; either they are dead, or they are walking dead. Also, my family has had to deal with some cancer and other strange illnesses. It puts life in perspective. This record is just a much more mature record. Life has changed us.

FPMN: How has your tour with Bobaflex been going? How has it been performing songs from the new record?

Neal: We love the Bobaflex guys! They are an awesome band and are fun as hell to party with. We both have the same passion for putting on the best show we possibly can. It's killer being on the road with them. Playing the new songs is always a good time. It's always good to see an audience respond and concept to a song they may have never heard or recently grew to love. We worked hard on these songs, and we love to share them.

FPMN: What's coming up next for the band?

Neal: We just plan on touring as much as possible and hope to get on some festivals. We would really like to get overseas, as well. As long as we are able to tour, play music, and pay the bills, we will be happy.


     What do you think of the new album? You can download it here. For more info and tour dates, you can check out the band's Facebook page here.

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