Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Soulicit Interview

     With gigs opening for bands like Buckcherry and Pop Evil, and even getting airplay on Nikki Sixx's hit radio show Sixx Sense, Soulicit is quickly gaining a following of devoted rock fans. I recently spoke with vocalist Darick Parson about the band's success.

Front Paige Metal News: How would you describe Soulicit? What is your main goal for the band?

Darick: Soulicit is a blue-collar, hardworking, American rock band from America's Heartland. Our music speaks directly to where we came from and how we were all raised. Get out there and bust your butt until you achieve your dreams. Anything worth having is worth working hard for, and we have been beating the streets for a long while now. Our music is straightforward hard rock with catchy choruses and guitar driven rhythms that nod back to the classic glory days of rock n' roll. Our goal is to bring that old school rock n' roll feel of yesteryear to today and put rock back where it belongs, on top.

FPMN: Having performed at festivals with the likes of Buckcherry and Twisted Sister must be a great asset in gaining new fans. Also, you've received airplay on Sixx Sense. How are their audiences receiving your music? What is it like to have support from artists of that caliber?

Darick: We have played shows with everyone from Twisted Sister to Anew Revolution all the way to Shooter Jennings. We continue to be blown away by the fact that no matter what people came to a show to hear, they are completely engaged, entertained, and grabbing onto what we are playing up there, regardless of any "style" differences. From coast to coast we have been greeted with open arms and winning fans over every show. A very humbling experience for us for sure.

FPMN: What is coming up next for the band?

Darick: Lots and lots of touring. Our main focus right now is to promote the release of the new record, and we are doing that through heavy touring all year in 2012. We want to reach out and touch as many new friends and fans as we can this year and go from there. Maybe a new record in the winter?

FPMN: What do you hope my readers take away from Soulicit's music?

Darick: It is all up to us as fans, bands, promoters, radio etc. to be proactive in bringing back rock to the forefront of the music industry and putting it back where it belongs. Go out to a local show, buy a CD, buy a shirt, support rock in any way you can so that we are all doing our part to strengthen what we all know, that rock n roll will never die! Soulicit's music is all about just that. From party anthems to tear jerking ballads, our music represents emotions and feelings that are as real and true as the red blood that runs through all of us. No gimmicks, no obligations, just straight up rock in the most primal way.

"Hell Yeah":

     For more on Soulicit, you can check out their official Facebook page. They will be touring through the rest of the year, so be sure to check out their tour dates!

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