Monday, March 26, 2012

The Used - "Vulnerable" album review

     Today, The Used released their brand new album, Vulnerable. A fitting title, I personally think that this is the band's most emotional work to date. The band (Dan Whitesides- Drums, Bert McCracken- Vocals, Quinn Allman- Guitar, Jepha- Bass) went to work with producer John Feldmann writing and recording 11 songs in 11 days, an effort which Bert has described as "magical".

     "Me feeling that vulnerability kind of sparked this creative fire inside of me," says McCracken. "This record’s really about becoming more than just who you are, and allowing yourself that vulnerability to be a more powerful person. It’s a lot more positive than a lot of records we’ve written in the past. I think everyone could use some positivity nowadays."

     The album begins with a strong start with the single "I Come Alive". This and their second single "Hands and Faces" can be heard below.

"I Come Alive"

"Hands and Faces"

Track Listing:

1. I Come Alive
                                                                 2. This Fire
                                                                 3. Hands and Faces
                                                                 4. Put Me Out
                                                                 5. Shine
                                                                 6. Now That You’re Dead
                                                                 7. Give Me Love
                                                                 8. Moving On
                                                                 9. Getting Over You
                                                               10. Kiss It Goodbye
                                                               11. Hurt No One
                                                               12. Together Burning Bright

     For more on The Used, you can check out their official site. Also, check out their Facebook page for upcoming tour dates!


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