Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Interview with XFACTOR1

     In the music business, a relationship with fans is key. One band that truly understands that is XFACTOR1. I was able to talk to the band's lead vocalist Ricky "QBall" Wolf about the band's formation, their recently released album FAMOUS.LAST.WORDS, and why a great relationship with fans is important to them.

Front Paige Metal News: For people who haven't heard XFACTOR1, what can you tell them about the band? Who are your biggest influences?

QBall: We've been around for about 6 years. We jam with a lot of passion and energy, and our live shows are a strength for us. We're down to earth guys who are very approachable, because we love meeting new people. The more beer, boobs, and decadence the better. Since we have band members that love all kinds of music, we are all over the place with our sound- Ben Harper to Suicide Silence and anything/everything in between. We're not metal elitist or snobs. If it's good and we like it, it influences us.  

Front Paige Metal News: You definitely sound like a band that isn't afraid to work hard to build a fan base. What is your relationship with fans like?

QBall: The music biz ain't what it once was. The hungry pitbull gets the table scraps, and we aren't gonna wait around for something to fall in our laps. We've been all over the U.S. promoting our band in the trenches selling CDs, making friends and new fans we call XNation in the parking lots of festivals while people are tailgating and hanging out. People respect hard work in America. They see our passion. When they come to the shows, they see that we keep it real and give them the respect and attention they deserve, and we all become friends. It's okay to be a rockstar, but don't forget about the fans. Nothing's more important than your supporters. Without them, we are nothing.

Front Paige Metal News: XF1 is getting ready for the release of the album FAMOUS.LAST.WORDS. What can you tell us about the album?

QBall: When you're a self-supporting band that tours, records, and does most of the things the more well-known bands do, without a financial benefactor, it can be real hard on you. You get angry. You get sick of one another. Add in broken relationships, our disdain for the greed of Corporate America, losing friends to drug problems, and we had a lot of things to say on this new record. It's the culmination of the life of real guys in a real world. We don't make music we don't like, and I don't write lyrics just because they sound good when it rhymes. This CD, in many ways, is a testimonial of all our lives.   

Front Paige Metal News: What other projects are coming up for the band?

QBall: XF1 is pretty much all consuming for us right now. So our eyes are on touring, promotion of this new CD, and getting our music to the masses via any mediums possible. It takes up a lot of our time. But I find time for sex as much as possible. It's my favorite side project!

Front Paige Metal News: Why should people check out an XFACTOR1 show?

QBall: I've always thought that if a band can't offer a unique experience that adds to why you will love them, why go to a show? So, we make damn sure that we leave it all on the stage every night with every ounce of passion and energy we can. And as I said before, we don't hide in the dressing room until we play and dip as soon we're done. We want to meet the people at the shows and develop relationships. Hell, we may even come to your house, drink all your beer, and puke off the front porch!

     For more info on XFACTOR1, click here! The band is currently on tour; make sure you check out one of their shows!

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