Friday, September 21, 2012

BTW: Bands To Watch ~ DANTE

     Bringing audiences a visual presentation, in addition to awesome songs, is Colombian rock band DANTE's main goal. "The music and the visual side aren't independent from each other in this band's affairs," says lead vocalist Kami Rayne. "In our live shows, we strive to create a mystical atmosphere that borders on the chaotic at the same time. There's few bands that are interested in that nowadays. At least we know you'll remember us by the time you leave the show."
     When describing their sound, DANTE's drummer, The Jester, says that the environment of their home in Bogota often influences the sound of their music adding "some heavy distorted riffs, very profound bass, and stomping drums, led by some dark vocals which help reassure the mood of what we see, feel, and understand."
     The band is currently in the process of working on their next music video, "Swamp Thing", as well as working on songs for their second album. Lead guitarist Tank says that "DANTE is basically a rock n' roll band. We just put everything we like from punk, metal, blues, and hard rock into it making it a weird and hopefully unique blend. It's half mystical and half harsh reality." The Jester continues to say, "We prefer that everyone and anyone that listens to it forms their own opinion about it. Hopefully you'll like it."
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"Liquid Cocaine"


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