Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Check It Out! ~ Throwing Gravity

     Having already worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Josh Abraham (Velvet Revolver, Linkin Park), Throwing Gravity are making a name for themselves. Their latest album, It's Not The End, was released at the end of last year. The band's single "Here We Go Again" has been played at NHL and MLB games, as well as TNA Wrestling. I recently spoke with Sam Hindmarsh, Throwing Gravity's bassist/vocalist, and we talked about his influences and what he hopes to achieve with the band.

Front Paige Metal News: How do you describe Throwing Gravity's music?

Sam: It's just catchy, hook laden, in-your-face rock that rides the razor's edge between harder rock and more laid-back, ballad type songs.

FPMN: What inspires you as a performer and a musician? When did you first realize that music was a passion for you?

Sam: For me, it all goes back to me being a super young kid around like age 4 or 5.  My mom used to have this huge vinyl collection of all the great classical composers.  I remember that when she would be working around the house, she would open up all the doors and windows, put on some Tchaikovsky or Mozart, and just crank the volume. I really learned how powerful music could be, and how it could make you feel from those experiences.  Fast forward several years, and I'm going to rock shows and hiding explicit lyrics records under my bed so my parents wouldn't know I was listening to them. Everything from Zeppelin, the Beatles, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine, Edwin McCain; Hell, even John Denver had a hand in influencing the musician/songwriter I am today.  As far as inspiration goes, all the music I mentioned obviously inspired me, but once I got out there and was performing in front of people it really became the fans who drove me to keep doing it.  Knowing that I was maybe helping people in some aspect of their lives, and that we were connecting live and in person... there is just something completely awesome about that experience.  Keeps ya going.

FPMN: What mark do you hope to leave on the music industry?

Sam: It would be cool to have at least one song that just becomes one of those songs that gets embedded in our culture. It just gets so widely known and liked that years down the road people are going to be drunkenly singing it a karaoke bar somewhere.

FPMN: What is coming up for Throwing Gravity?

Sam: Touring, touring, touring, then shooting a music video somewhere in there, tour some more, and then drop a new record next year sometime.

FPMN: Are there any interesting or funny stories that you can tell about you or one of your band members? Maybe a story from the studio or being on the road?

Sam: (Laughs) Yeah, when we were in the studio, and our singer Nick was tracking his vocals, Jon, our producer,would save all the little bobbles, swears, and idiosyncrasies of Nick that would obviously come out vocally.  He would make a little comp at the end of the song/track, and it would just be freaking hilarious to hear it all going together!  One of these little vocal clips actually is at the beginning or at the end of a lot of our YouTube videos because we made a short intro clip to tack on our videos you know with our logo on it etc.  We added this vocal clip of Nick talking to Jon over the top of it as a joke and just ended up sticking with it.

FPMN: What is something that you would like my readers to know about your music?

Sam: We always try to find a way to express the story of each song we do.  At the end of the day, we are really just story tellers who jump around on stage with loud guitars and drums. So, why not pull up a chair, "Like" us on Facebook, sit back, and enjoy the show?!

"Here We Go Again"

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