Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Set It Off ~ Cinematics album review

     Today marks the release of Set It Off's debut full length, Cinematics. Undoubtedly one of the most original and experimental bands I've heard recently, SIO is giving it all they've got on this record. The combination of their self-proclaimed "orchestral pop rock" sound and honest, heartfelt lyrics equals an album that keeps the listener's attention from start to finish.
     Cinematics opens with a 27 second orchestral piece which leads right into one of the album's strongest tracks, "Nightmare", both of which provide a great sense of what is to come. Other stand outs are the singles "Swan Song", which deals with having people you care about walk out of your life, and "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead". In the latter, vocalist Cody Carson talks about his battle with insomnia. Carson's vocals in this song are both haunting and powerful.
     The track that seems to have fans talking the most right now is "Dream Catcher". Inspired by a dream that guitarist Dan Clermont had, it's message is to encourage people to reach for their goals, as was documented in the bands "Track By Track" YouTube videos. Also a talked about song, "Dad's Song" is without a doubt the most emotional track on the album in which Carson sings about the loss of his father.
     Whether it's unclean vocals (which are rare for Set It Off) or the the addition of a clarinet, this album will no doubt have you hooked. Check out Cinematics here!

"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

"Swan Song"


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