Friday, September 7, 2012

BTW: Bands To Watch ~ Haunted By Heroes

Nick Hero- Lead Vocals/Bass; Chris Hero- Drums; Charley Haunted: Rhythm Guitar; Max Haunted- Lead Guitar

     Having already performed at legendary venues such as The Whisky, on TV shows such as The Today Show, and, as of last night, making a guest appearance on America's Got Talent where they performed "We're Not Gonna Take It" with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, Haunted By Heroes are not your average 12 year olds. Referred to as "The World's Youngest Rock Band", HxH has released the songs "Rock Me Roxy", and a cover of The Four Horsemen's "Rockin' Is Ma Business". They also recorded a cover of Aerosmith and Run DMC's "Walk This Way" with Lil' P-Nut which was played on Cartoon Network. "Playing rock n' roll is my dream, and sometimes dreams come true," lead guitarist Max Haunted says. Speaking of last night's AGT performance, lead vocalist/bassist Nick Hero says, "NBC and AGT are totally cool. We appreciate all the exciting times." The band is currently working with producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, System Of A Down) on new material. Be sure to "Like" Haunted By Heroes on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter to stay updated!
Haunted By Heroes on America's Got Talent:

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